C8OL Created Out Of Love® is a streetwear lifestyle brand founded by Erika McDavid in 2015. After the official launch date in February 2018, C8OL has spread across social media been worn by celebrities such as Chris Paul and Wiz Khalifa to name a few. Originating in the state known for lovers, the C8OL brand was created to further promote the ideal of positivity, motivation, and success, through expressions of love.

Designed and created from a place of love, C8OL’s mission is to make a difference across the world, regardless of race or religion. McDavid credits her understanding of garments and construction to her grandparents. She attributes them for being the root of the tree, later passing knowledge and skills to her mother (the branch) who designed clothing for family and neighborhood friends in New York City while attending The High School of Fashion Industries. Once the branch planted her creativity seed into McDavid C8OL Created Out Of Love was born.

C8OL’s vision is to maintain a clothing line catering to adults and children that mixes simplicity with classic silhouettes and details. Each collection features pieces that are cut and sew, limited, and stays true to the mission of being 'Created Out Of Love'. To achieve this, collections are released seasonally with exclusive drops in between. 

We all have Love inside of us, but the true test is how we can spread the love around to make the world a better place.


C8= C R E A T E D

O= O U T   O F

L= L O V E

“When love, determination, motivation, and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”-C8OL

"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it"

-Martin Luther King, Jr.
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